Fractional Leadership and Consulting Services

handsome lad

I provide fractional leadership and consulting services with a focus on equipping SMBs with the tools to define effective strategies, set meaningful objectives, and achieve impactful results.

I am a systems thinker and technology oriented generalist who has experience working with organizations of all sizes, from single person start-ups to multi-national enterprises, in industries such as fin-tech, oil and gas, cybersecurity, education, and more.

Skill set highlights:

  • Corporate and product strategy
  • Product management and practice leadership
  • Systems thinking
  • Multi-horizon road mapping
  • Business process
  • Digital transformation/modernization
  • Priority alignment
  • Agile process leadership and implementation
    • Scrum, Kanban, SAF(E), Shape Up, hybrid
  • Risk assessment, impact analysis, and mitigation
  • Agile practice leadership and implementation
  • Agile tooling administration
  • Broad technical competency across multiple platforms and disciplines
    • Development (Python, Bash, Nix, js, C#)
    • Linux administration (Arch, NixOS, Ubuntu)
    • Technical and copy writing
  • Content creation and design


To inquire, please contact me using email or LinkedIn via the social links in the footer of this page.